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My challenges when building a newsletter

So now that the second issue of the newsletter came out I came to share my challenges and small fixes to every step.

If you want to skip the reading but talk about it I am very interested to know what challenges and solutions you had when creating a newsletter?

Product: Newsletter for solopreneurs

Idea: This will help the product that will be launched, so I wanted to launch a newsletter fast as will be something to be improved and part of the final project and not the project itself.


  • Lack of time ( day job and web developments gigs and family leave me not many hours to dedicate per day)

  • Lack of experience- Never really built a newsletter ( besides a paper version many years ago for a restaurant 😊).

  • No money to spend - The idea will be that at least in the beginning till the newsletter have some serious subscribers can't have any expenses.


  • Time-wise, not much I could do just knowing that when I am creating a newsletter, I am creating a newsletter. So my focus would be that during the time that I could spend on these tasks without jeopardizing all the others
    (being family the most important). But the division of tasks is a great asset to have but also a challenge to achieve.

  • Build a newsletter - First to find the sources. I want to include wealth, marketing, sales, social media, and tech. Also including better threads and #buildinpublic in Twitter. So with this, I was ok, been gathering many in the past time many sources and know that I will gather more in the future. Then ideas will flow and it will be improved ( interviews were added for this issue)

But where to do the newsletter? I only was thinking of Mailchimp as I had worked with email marketing there through Shopify and I had my contact list there. Then again I was not convinced about the templates. Luckily show up revue with the feature that you could add your newsletter to your Twitter profile then was a no brainer. you can connect your account including Mailchimp, easily you can create a template. Then add Zapier to automate new subscribers from Mailchimp to Revue and that was it. Ready to launch

  • Zero Costs - For now is made with zero costs. In the future, I want to add a tailored option for the newsletter that will be built with code or some other solution. Either way might require some investment.

That was it. What about you, what challenges do you have for creating a newsletter?

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