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Launch it or tweak it?

Hello everybody.
So the product that I am creating, will be featured templates for users. Business templates. The idea was some 5 templates made in Notion ( where my product will be created). After I did some more digging I realized that I will need more than 5 templates and many of them have to be done in Canva and Excel.
The result of this is that my doing all these templates ( they have to be done eventually) will require time and of course will delay more the launch of the product.
So should I just keep the ones I was supposed to have, launch the product as soon as I can, and keep updating and adding more templates, or as I know I need them and they create a better product for them now?
I like the lean startup idea and validating as you go but I think every situation is different.
What are your takes on that?
Thank you

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